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I paid his rent, bought him a Car, gave him #7m but he said I am too nice for him to marry — Lady

Published by on January 13th, 2020.

I paid his rent, bought him a Car, gave him #7m but he said I am too nice for him to marry — Lady
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Now, let’s go straight away to the story of the day.
There is this lady who sent her story in for serious relationship advice, please make sure you like , share and comment on this story so that the lady involved can really know everyone truly cares about her and her situation.
This is the message this single lady sent in for strong relationship advice:
Hello, please I want you to please share my story on your page.
Please I will consider the number of likes, shares and comments as a sign that people truly care about me.
If the post gets up to 500 likes. It will definitely show that everyone cares about my predicament.
This was what happened.
Last 3 years I met this handsome tall guy at one of my sister’s wedding. He approached me first even though I actually gave him signs that I am truly into him.
We talked and exchanged phone numbers. I saw him as a working-class guy who is already working with a well paying job at least the type that will be able to put food on the table for his family(our family).
So after our first encounter, I couldn’t sleep, I always feel like being with him. He has won my heart over within a very short period. I was dying for him already.
At first, as I said, I thought he was kind of a rich guy because he came with a Benz to the wedding where we met on the first day.
However, I found out later that things weren’t so. I later found out the car belongs to his Uncle. But I was too soak in the love for me to regard that as a bad sign of more dangerous things to come.
I also later found out that, contrary to what I thought, that he was a working-class guy, he wasn’t, he was just a final year student in OAU then.
Well, I did not still see the danger sign because I was truly in love. I will regularly send him money, sometimes 50k, sometimes 100k for upkeep.
Almost every weekend I am driving to Osun state to see my love. I will cook a delicious meal with different soups with assorted meats and take it along with me for him to have a wonderful week. So that he can focus more on his studies.
Even my younger brother that is in Unilag never enjoyed that kind of love or soup and care.
I can’t even remember the last time I sent him more than 10k for upkeep. But you know now, how one reason once in love.
I was blinded by love.
Fast forward to recently after his NYSC in Lagos(I actually helped him to work his NYSC to Lagos so that we can see every day).
Now, that he’s done with his NYSC, I helped him secure a job, bought him a car because his new job is on the highland while he stays at Ogba. I paid his rent in one of the most expensive estates at Ogba.
Given he’s just coming to Lagos, definitely he will need some things he wants to put in places. He may want to furnish the new house and buy other things. So I gave him 7 million in order to care for all of that because I can’t behold my love suffering or having a difficult time when I can actually help.
Since then he has been cruising the car, enjoying his house and he’s now receiving around 600k every month.
But since last month, I have beginning to notice a lot of changes in his actions, mood swings over mood swings. I was getting tired of his childishness.
So when I noticed this, I engaged him in a serious conversation on why he’s acting up, then he said the worse.
Guess what he said? He said I am too nice for him to marry me. What?
Too nice for where? Baba, we die here o!
You’re going nowhere. You must marry me. What is too nice? I have never heard that before.
Why is Femi now doing this to me at this time? I love him so much more than all these that he’s doing. He is my heart.
He sent me out of his house after we had a small argument threatening me to come and take my car and house if that is why I want us to get married. He said many things that I can’t share here. He said I am too gullible and naive.
My brother, since last week he said those things I’ve still not recovered.
I am even considering Suicide already, at least it would even be better to leave this world for everyone, at least so that they can have peace.
I am very tired of all these. My friend Freda has been my biggest support since the heartbreak calling me regularly to help me and even coming over to be with me whenever she could.
That big head can’t even flash, he doesn’t even call and he doesn’t pick either. He blocked me everywhere. On WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter. He is very wicked!
I am currently crying as I write this. All my investment is now a waste! How I wish I have spent the money on my brother, at least my brother wouldn’t desert me like this.
Please what should I do in this my predicament? Should I collect my car back? Should I arrest him? Who will marry me now because I will be 33 by March?
Maybe that was even the reason why he’s breaking up with me because last month I discovered I was almost 3 years older than him, though I didn’t tell him because we agree that our age is not one of the factors that will determine our marriage.
See where I am now! I can’t stop weeping!
Please help me! What should I do immediately? Please don’t let me commit suicide. I am dying inside.
Thanks for reading my story!
Please comment, like and share my story for as many as possible to see and offer advice for me in this my predicament with this ingrate.
I will be happy if this post can get up to 500 likes, share and comments. That will show that you all truly care about your girl.
Thank you very much! Can’t wait to start reading your comments!
Please, guys, let all comment to help her with her predicament.
I look forward to seeing you guys soon. Please make sure you’re following me now so that you can have access to the latest story and gist. See you soon!
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