[Biography] The Biography of Olaoluwa olawale olaniyi aka Ajipolowojesu tan-tan

[Biography] The Biography of  Olaoluwa olawale olaniyi aka Ajipolowojesu tan-tan

Olaoluwa olawale olaniyi also known as Ajipolowojesu tan-tan was born into the family of Mr and Mrs Gabriel Olaoluwa and an indigine of Osun State Nigeria. His origin is Ede north Osun State.
A gospel singer and songwriter an indigine of In Apomu osun State,Nigeria.

Ajipolowojesu tan-tan was born on Born on 7th of July 1988 into the family of Mr and Mrs Gabriel Olaoluwa.


Primary school St John Primary school Ayedaade Ikire. (2000) and then went further to complete his secondary school at Ayedaade Grammar School ikire. ( 2008) where he aquired his senior secondary school certificate. 

He then graduated from University of Uyo Akwa Ibom State where he studied English Language Education (2015) and decided to pursue his Career after his NYSC in Cross River State in 2017/2018. 

Award Won

He won an Award in 2018 @ NYSC Dance and Drama competition as the best synchronizer  and the best actor of the year


Ajipolowojesu tan-tan is currently 32 years of age(2020)

Music Career

Olaoluwa olawale olaniyi  is a veteran actor, Singer chanter, tutor, Dancer and the CEO of Ajipowolojesu Tan-Tan Entertainment World Limited.

His career his taken him to various places in Nigeria. He loves his job as an actor, singer particularly as a chanter because it is God's given talents which he has developed from right the infants. As a sanguine, he love playing with people and he can easily make friends any where he found himself.

Part of his job experiences includes, Moremi Ajasoro written by House of Oduduwa, first directed by Bolanle Austin Peters ( BAP Productions Victoria Island Lagos) before Joshua Alabi. Olawale Ajipolowojesu Tan-Tan played the role of a male Chanter, singer as well as  agbopa oba( Kings Servant) etc during that time. He also worked with formal National Theater Director Ahmed Yerima in His Stage play "AREMU''( The Story of Formal President of Nigeria; Chief Olusegun Obasanjo Aremu) here, Ajipolowojesu played the role of Oloun iyo( Praise chanter), Sango Priest, Assistance Pastor etc. 

Olaoluwa Olawale Olaniyi a.k.a. Ajipolowojesu Tan-Tan is a veteran actor, singer, dancer, chanter, Tutor, drummer and the CEO @ Ajipolowojesu Tan-Tan Entertainment World Limited.

Connect with Ajipowolojesu Tan-Tan
Facebook: Olaoluwa Olawale Olaniyi.
Twitter: Olaoluwaolawal5
Instagram: Ajipolowojesutantan
WhatsApp: +2347069209424
Gmail:  [email protected]

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