Using A C0ndom, To Pull Out Or To Use Preventive Measure – Which Do You Prefer To Avoid Pregnancy?

Using A C0ndom, To Pull Out Or To Use Preventive Measure – Which Do You Prefer To Avoid Pregnancy?

The rate of unwanted pregnancy has immensely gotten to some point we need to lecture ourselves, especially during the lockdown period, the probability of high s*x records is certain.

How can we lessen it cause we can’t completely eradicate unwanted pregnancy as its general world problem?

Well, there are three ways to avoid getting pregnant as a lady and impregnating as a man.

The Use Of C0ndom

You’ll agree with me that this still remains the best method to avoid unwanted pregnancy as so many nigga ain’t good at pulling out.

However, most of us don’t feel the pleasure of having s*x when using a c0ndom, even ladies want it raw, especially when they have a mutual relationship with their s*x partner.

The c0ndom will block sp£rm from getting into the [email protected] to avoid the story that touches.

Pulling Out

If you’re good at this, then you’re the real nigga.

You don’t necessarily need to stock condoms or bother your s*x partner on using a preventive measure.

Just ride ride ride!!! And pull out your d*ck before ejaculating.

But the disadvantage of it is if you mistakenly get carried away by the pleasure, you might blame yourself forever.

Preventive Measure

Some people cant miss the whole fun, so therefore they’ll intentionally go raw and pour the liquor, then find a solution immediately.

Set awon “do you cum inside me?”

There are so many ways to prevent this as some ladies drink salt and water immediately after s*x to kill the sp£rm while some take pregnancy preventive related drugs after s*x, drugs like Postinor 2.

For some guys, they take in s*x enhance drugs which seizes sperm from coming.

That’s All

So guys, it is very important to cut your coat according to your size

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